Teacher's Assistant Job Description

Job Summary

Assists in the daily planning, management and supervision of the classroom and children, as directed by the lead teacher.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provide the children with unconditional amounts of love and patience
  • Must execute and abide by the state of Georgia’s rules and regulations as well as Children’s Corner policies and procedures
  • Meets all state requirements for the above stated position
  • Develops and maintains professional working relationships with staff
  • Attends and participates in staff meetings, site events, and parent meetings as requested
  • Develops and maintains positive relationships with parents
  • Recognizes parent issues and concerns and responds to them accordingly

Classroom Responsibilities

  • Assists and supervises children during activities
  • Counsels children when social issues arise
  • Assists children with meals and clean up
  • Assists with all center/classroom paperwork (attendance, daily reports, incident reports, etc.)
  • Assists in implementing curriculum and lesson plans for the classroom
  • Works with other staff to ensure that classroom functions in an orderly manner
  • Ensures that appearance and cleanliness of classrooms and facility is maintained and checklists are followed
  • Ensures that all classroom and outdoor equipment is in good condition and is used properly
  • Meets with and communicates appropriately with prospective families
  • Provides the Director with feedback for evaluations
  • Relays any pertinent information to the Director (parents, staff, or facility issues and concerns
  • Assumes full responsibility for the classroom in the absence of the Lead Teacher
  • Accepts work assigned by the Director that may not be listed in the above job description